Extravagant Salt Lake City Hotels

Ski resorts are famous throughout Salt Lake City because, well, that is what Utah remains famous for throughout North America. But the most important factor is primarily considered first is the safety offered by hotels and ski resorts. No one would enjoy breaking a shin or two on the hills of Wasatch Mountain. For that purpose this guide has been specifically made for those who wish to travel here. The proud state offers various hotels with perfect accommodations. Amenities, facilities, staff, food and everything else is considered carefully by all Salt Lake City hotels. Make your pick and have a whole lot of fun!

Chase Suite Hotel is located in the downtown district of Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a single mile away from the Trolley Square. Along with that it is only two miles away from the Gateway Mall and the Salt Palace Convention Center. It offers complimentary buffet-styled breakfasts to all guests. Manager receptions are made on Thursdays. An outdoor pool with heated water and a spa tub along with a basketball court are present on-site. Laundry facilities are available to all guests. Wireless internet access is present in the lobby while complimentary shuttle service to the SLC International Airport is provided as well. Full kitchens, cable televisions and sofa-beds are present in every room.

Days Inn South is located in the east of the Interstate 15, south of Salt Lake City. It is close to many restaurants and shopping centers along with huge grocery stores. For the sporty type of traveler, the hotel is located close to ski resorts, hiking resorts, tennis courts, golf courses and water parks. It is only three miles away from the south town Expo Center. It is also adjacent to several ski resort shuttles and light rail stations. All of these services provide ten-minute rides to the downtown district of the city. The hotel offers amenities like seasonal outdoor swimming pool, 24-hour indoor warm spa tub, continental breakfasts and guestrooms with microwave ovens and small refrigerators.

Hyatt Summerfield Suites is a hotel that offers the best of amenities and the most posh ski resorts. It is only one and a half mile away from the River Oaks Golf Course. It is two miles away from the Gardener Village and South Towne Center. Complimentary breakfasts of buffet styles and wireless internet access is provided in the lobby. Outdoor pool and spa tub are also provided to all guests. You can relax and enjoy the city at a very affordable rate. A business center, fitness center, Jacuzzi, parking, pool and other amenities are present all twenty four hours of the day. Pets are allowed. Don’t forget to bring your cute little friend along. A vacation spent with loved ones is the best kind.

Sky Harbor Suites is a hotel located in the center of the city. It is two miles away from the Gateway Shopping District. It is only three miles away from the lovely Temple Square and downtown Salt Lake City. And if you are a lover of animals then don’t forget that the hotel is situated eight miles away from the famous Hogle Zoo. A seasonal outdoor pool and indoor as well outdoor spa tubs are present. Limited hour fitness center and clubhouse with racquetball court is on-site for all travelers. Complimentary wireless internet access is present at the Clubhouse. Barbeque grills are provided as per request. Laundry facilities are offered as well. Furnished condominiums and fully equipped kitchens are attached to all suites. Ski resorts are located nearby. You need not worry about your entertainment and comfort when you are at the Sky Harbor Suites Hotel.

Salt Lake City hotels are famous nationwide for their impeccable sense of catering and sports facilities provision. However it is always wise to consult several guides before picking one hotel to stay in.

Dive Ambergris Caye, How to Choose the Right Place to Stay and Dive

Where to Stay on Ambergris Caye Belize

When I first arrived on Ambergris Caye as a backpacker more than 13 years ago, San Pedro was a very small quaint village with Sandy Streets, I can still remember the first vision that is clearly embedded in my mind to this day.

As I stepped off that small ferry from neighboring Caye Caulker, I gazed down front street (San Pedro main street), all I could see was a beautiful white sandy lined street with one single golf cart making its way leisurely down the street, it passed a young couple holding hands window shopping in the quaint multi coloured gift shops that lined the street.

At that time there were only about 6 dive shops spread out along San Pedros multiple docks, each one offering services to the few adventuresome divers that had already discovered this beautiful island also known as la Isla Bonita.

Most divers that visited stayed close to town at a few select hotels such as the Sunbreeze or Ramons, there were not that many to choose from in those days.

The same can be said with the dive shops, most people would be diving with Bottom Time Dive shop which was located at Sunbreeze Hotel, (today they are at Banyan Bay) the Paz family were the boatmen and Divemasters, they were to later to go out on there own under the leadership of Changa and Melanie Paz to form what is today, Amigos Del Mar one of the leading dive operations on Ambergris Caye.

Today 13+ years later, many things have changed on Ambergris Caye, the island has quickly developed into a small island mecca and today there are over 40 dive shops and hundreds and hundreds of different quality hotel rooms, that cater to the thousands of divers and visitors that visit Ambergris Caye each year.

The reason for this article is as an up to date information source for those that are considering a vacation to Ambergris Caye, it is meant to provide clear accurate information on the options of where to stay on the island when visiting Ambergris Caye, based on the wide variety of hotel options that are now available on the island.

For the visiting diver today, they have a huge selection of Hotels to choose from, depending on what it is they are looking for in a dive vacation.

The island now offers different hotel choices. At the very top of the scale you can have your own Private Villa with your own Butler on call 24/7 to the still famous backpackers hotels that offer basic clean accommodations but at a fraction of the price of the more upscale hotels.

Each offers different experiences depending on what the visitor is looking for.

Ambergris Caye now has hotel choices on three parts of the island NORTHERN Hotels SOUTHERN hotels and Hotels located in San Pedro Town or within easy walking distance to SAN PEDRO TOWN.

Each offers a uniquely difference experience.

San Pedro Town Hotels

San Pedro Town is the heart of the island and this is where the majority of Shops, Banks, Bars, Nightclubs are located sadly today you will no longer see the white sandy streets with just one Golf Cart what you will see however is a bustling medium size town with a variety of vehicles from the local Golf carts to cars and trucks going about there daily business, the streets are still lined with multi coloured gift shops, restaurants where you can shop and dine at a variety of venues.

Staying in town is for those that want to be in the center of things close to bars and multiple restaurants., Positives are,no need for transport other than your legs and everything you will need is no more than a short walk away. Negatives can be noisy late at night from party animals heading back to there hotels, or live music going on into the night that may disturb guests that have retired for the evening.

In the dry season it can be very hot and extremely dusty in town due to the traffic kicking up the dust as they go by, plans are however in place to pave the existing roads to eliminate this and the first part is completed from tropic air terminal to Island distributors heading south of town. The center of town now has now also been paved also.

There is no real beach to lay out on during the day (besides Ramons) if that is your thing, in addition the multiple peddlers will continue to try and sell you local trinkets which is not too bad unless you want to be laying and not be disturbed every few minutes. Some Hotels have pools that you can sunbathe around but you will still be approached.

Some people love the interaction and that’s great however some people also may find it annoying, being informed you have the choice.

In addition with the advent of Timeshare, San Pedro now has the dreaded OPC’s these are Outside personal contacts employed by the timeshare company’s to get you to attend a presentation on the timeshare concept. Over the past year there are now several timeshare resorts that now have these people on the streets constantly approaching tourists to attend presentations the island has them pretty much under control and they are now required to .stay within there allocated pitch ares and are not allowed to approach people outside these areas.

All this can be considered either a negative or not such a negative again depending on what you want out of your vacation.

So to clarify, Staying in town is really for party animals that want to be in the thick of things and don’t mind the hustle and bustle of a growing town and the positive and negatives that go with that. Some Hotels to consider in town are Sunbreeze Hotel, Mayan Princess,Paradise Villas to name a few.

North Ambergris Caye

North Ambergris caye is going through a huge development boom and this can be confirmed by the many projects under construction as you head north of the Cut.North Ambergris is where the future of Ambergris Caye lies it is the only area that can still be developed and eventually there will be another town probably in the Basil Jones area, about 12.5 miles North of San Pedro Town.

Over the past several years North Ambergris Caye has had a bunch of New hotels constructed such as the Hip and Chic Mata Chica Resort or Portofino resort that both caters to the rich tourists and then there is Xaman Ek which focus’s specifically on relaxation and Spa Services, each of these resorts offers something different for the traveller however all offer Beaches where you can lay out without being disturbed.

The peaceful natural beauty of the area is pristine and most resorts are only a few minutes (10-15 by boat) away from the Hustle and bustle of San Pedro town. Many questions have arose in the past as to the accessibility of getting into town when you want to, this has been a valid question however development has taken care of that, now there is a regular scheduled Island Ferry Boat that operates between North Ambergris Caye (as far as Costa Maya Resort) and San Pedro Town.

Here is there current published schedule however it can change due to seasons

Island Ferry Schedule LEAVING FIDOS DOCK

7:00 am

9:00 am

11:00 am

1:00 pm

3:00 pm

5:00 pm

6:00 pm

7:00 pm

8:00 pm

9:00 pm

10:00 pm

12:00 pm

2:00 am


Private runs are available upon request or reservation. They can cater for large groups and charter runs on the Island and surrounding areas.

Some resorts such as Mata Chica, Portofino etc offer there own water ferry service into town at set times, whichever way, if you choose to stay North Ambergris Caye you can get to town easily HOWEVER it can become tiresome and costly if you were really better suited to be staying in town.

You can now also rent Golf Carts as far North as Costa Maya and getting to town will take about 25-30 minutes on the cart depending on how many Bars you stop at along the way. Renting a cart opens up 6-8 restaurants that will be within accessibility to any northern hotel you decide to stay at.

There is now a Bridge at the cut, so its easy to head north now on a bike or golf cart, be sure to check with your Golf Cart company to ensure they allow you to take there carts north, some have restrictions.

Diving on the North side is very diverse and pristine, Dive shops in town very rarely head up that way during a weeks diving maybe one day they will head up North however some of the best diving on the island is located North of San Pedro Town, one such site is M&M Caverns which is considered one of the best dives on the island and a favorite of visiting divers. There are several dive operators North that have dive shops located on site, Belize Ocean Divers, and Aqaua Dives located at Journeys End Resort, Belize Academy of Diving located out of Costa Maya Resort, most of the other resorts north either use one of these operators and some that are closer to town such as Captain Morgans have affiliations with shops in town.

Some operators in town will come up North to pick you up for diving but normally they require there to be more than 2 divers check with your favorite dive shop for confirmation of that.

Staying North is for those that want to be away from the Hustle and Bustle but be close enough to get into town when they wish. If your looking for a peaceful vacation with relaxation natural beauty, remote setting and diving sites less dove then North Ambergris could be for you. A Resort located North should not be the choice of those that want to party every night or that want to go to town every day if that’s the case then choose to stay in town or on the outskirts

Southern Ambergris Caye

South Ambergris has a multitude of hotels and they are located south of San Pedro Town and acessable either via road or by boat. Getting to town is either via a Taxi cab or you can rent a Gold cart for the week but be prepared Golf Cart rentals can be expensive even more than rental cars, a daily rental of a gold cart can be $60 U.S + in addition during peak time ie Christmas Thanksgiving etc pre booking a golf cart rental is advised.

There is no better way to see the island than by a Golf Cart and its highly recommended you rent one at least for a day to see the sights. ( Drivers License is required)

There are several nice hotels located on the South side of the island such as Banana Beach or Banyan Bay each of these are excellent condo hotels and diving can be arranged either through the on site dive shop at Banyan Bay or any of the other dive shops will pick up at most of the southerly hotels.

South has easy access to town via taxi cab (About $7.50 each way for the Cab) or Golf cart. You can lay out on the beach South of Town in fact Banyan Bay has one of the nicest beaches on the island its called Mar De Tumbo and a favorite of the locals that flood there over the weekends.

South is a choice that is not as busy as town but not too quiet either its close enough to town to get back and forth independently and at the same time offers a variety of restaurants within easy walking distance.

I hope this short Article helps you make the right accommodation choice and the most out of your trip to Ambergris Caye and Belize.

Dive Safe

Gaz Cooper

Noosa Village River Resort

Noosa Village River Resort is located on the beautiful Noosa River and is one of the Sunshine Coast’s most popular resorts and is known as Noosa’s family favourite resort.

Noosa Village River Resort offers affordable holiday accommodation here in Noosa. Close to the water, shops, restaurants and activities, Noosa Village River Resort is a popular place to stay.

Offering one and two bedroom townhouses that are fully equipped with kitchens, private balconies, televisions and internet connections, the townhouses are a good place to escape and enjoy a holiday.

The resort offers many facilities and is very well known for having accommodation warmest winter pool at a temperature of 30 degrees and having other facilities such as interaction with bird feeding at 4:30pm daily, wireless internet connections, a spa and sauna, full-size tennis court, covered BBQ areas, tropical gardens and shaded walkways.

Noosa Village River Resort offers some great deals and specials with the rates being at a reasonable place. There are special rates currently in the low season for extended stays or for an upcoming holiday.

Why not experience what the Resorts have to offer by staying on the Noosa River at the Noosa Village River Resort with great specials and rates currently available.

Noosa have a variety of Noosa accommodation including Noosa hotels and Noosa resorts to suit your tastes and budget.

Noosa has a lot to offer; beautiful beaches, luxury accommodation, world class restaurants and shopping centers and resorts makes its one of the most sought after holiday destinations.