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Great Hotels in the English Lake District

Because the Lake District has so many good hotels it’s hard to choose a few to recommend. Yet some stand out by virtue of their quality, their location, and their unique blend of luxury and location.

Our first choice is located a few hundred feet above perhaps the most beautiful lake in Britain – Windermere. This small gem of a hotel is The Samling.

This remarkable hotel is set in sixty-seven beautiful acres of its own grounds. The Samling describes itself as a luxury hotel in the country (not as a “country house hotel”). To offer luxury like this, with fine wines and a great cellar, outside a major connurbation, is a great achievement. But what we like most about the Samling is the service: it’s that kind of quiet and efficient service which seems to meet your needs almost before you are aware of them!

But there are other gems in Lakeland. One we especially like is Gilpin Lodge. While it’s probably not quite true to say that the food and wine are the most impressive things about this hotel, they do form one of its greatest attractions! With so many respected awards, a Michelin star, and a long line of experience, the owners, the Cunliffe family, know how to bring the finest style and quality to this corner of Lakeland. As far as the accommodation is concerned, the elegant and luxurious suites offer private hot tubs and outdoor areas, and the rooms have king sized beds. Total luxury, and perfect for exploring the southern Lake District.

For a family oriented experience, or a luxury holiday for a couple, you could hardly do better than the Langdale Hotel and Country Club. Langdale is really a country estate, offering a whole range of accommodation in a private woodland park criss-crossed with streams and tarns, and local flora and fauna.

In the nineteenth century the Langdale estate was a gunpowder works, a factory built here because it was remote and less dangerous in the event of an explosion. Nowadays that remoteness is one of the great features – in the heart of the Langdale valley, you are close by some of the Lakes’ greatest walks.

The atmosphere is relaxed, the accommodation luxurious. There’s a conventional hotel, as well as comfortable wooden lodges, spread out in a pleasant village-style layout, making a total of 57 en-suite luxury rooms, elegantly and very tastefully furnished.

All around the Langdale estate you’ll find a whole range of facilities, which offer something for all tastes. There’s a solarium, not just one but two swimming pools, providing for the needs of serious swimmers and more relaxed paddlers alike. There’s a gym and fitness spa. And to meet the needs of the inner man and woman, there are several fine restaurants.

Purdey’s Restaurant provides some high class cordon bleu cuisine with an extensive wine list. A less formal venue, which also offers great food, is the Terrace Restaurant and the pool CafĂ©-Bar, open all day long. And for traditional Lakeland “pub grub”, a brief stroll will take you down the road to the village of Chapel Stile, where you can find Wainwright’s Inn, an old Lake District pub offering the best of Lakeland food and drink.

Enjoying a Holiday and Preserving Turkish History

Exploring the rich history and spectacular scenery of Turkey can now be done in an ecologically and ethically sensitive way, which actually can enhance the experience for the visitor, as by discovering what is away from the crowds and off the beaten track, can actually provide the holiday maker with a taste of the real, authentic Turkey.

Situated where the two continents of Asia and Europe meet, Turkey has coastline on many of it’s borders, with the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the Aegean Sea to the west and the Black Sea to the north. Turkey is primarily a Muslim country, with a range of Islamic customs and etiquette influencing Turkish way of life. Turkey is a very much family orientated destination, with villas in Turkey luxuriously styled for couples and young families alike. For eating out, children are welcome in many of the fine restaurants in the country, while helpful and friendly staff in hotels and dining establishments are happy to provide amenities and facilities to make sure everyone has a great time.

With a range of tour operators and travel companies offering a range of either active or tranquil breaks in Turkey with a strong green ethos, discovering a natural, vibrant side of this diverse country is easy to do and has plenty of choices. For walkers, Turkey has many great regions to explore and experience its culture, nature, and society. The Kachkar Mountains are a stunning and a great place for walking holidays and spotting wildlife, and there is a range of guided walks and adventure holidays that can be as slow or fast paced as you like. With lakes, woodland areas, wildlife and some excellent local dishes, this area is a fabulous place for a great eco-holiday, and fun for couples as well as families.

For coast lovers, the delights of Kusadasi include some incredibly beautiful coastal villages and beaches, while there are a fantastic range of sports and leisure activities to try. Diving, fishing, cycle tours and cultural trips are available in the Kusadasi area. For added style and class, the Turkish Riviera also offers a range of water sports and sights to see, with stunning locations like the salt lake at Cappadocia and the fascinating open-air museum of Goreme. The Turkish Riviera combines some outstanding locations for a range of leisure and sporting activities with a range of some excellent and varied opportunities to discover Turkey’s culture and history.

Turkey is a paradise for water sports lovers. Beneath the Taurus Mountains, the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is a playground for sailors, divers and windsurfers. With pine forests and citrus groves, and some great places to stay such as a range of luxurious villas, Turkey truly features some stunning locations. Here you can discover the ancient cities of Aspendos and Side and a range of important historical sites.

A place of rejuvenation and health since Roman times, Turkey holidays are as much about well being as they are about escape, with a great choice of natural spas in the Marmara and Aegean regions. Warming thermal treatments and de-stressing massages, as well as rich mineral mud baths, are all available in natural environments rather than in artificial spas and health clubs in many other locations.

Travel, Accommodation and Food in Thailand

Visiting Thailand – Great to Visit

Thailand is a great country to visit because contrary to popular belief, getting to and around the country is very easy. You can get to Thailand by bus, air or rail from many different countries all over the world. There are even private chartered tours to Thailand and there is also the possibility of taking some sort of a package deal which covers your food, accommodation, travel and sometimes even activities when you get there.


Thailand is great to visit because of how easy it is to get there. Thai Airlines flies to many of the cities in Thailand from departure points all over the world. Not only that, but many Asian airlines have flights to Thailand as well. If you’re staying in another Asian country such as Japan or China, it’s extremely easy to get to Thailand. Thailand in essence can serve as a great hub to explore the rest of Asia as it is located centrally.

Trains and buses

You can get to Thailand very easily from any of the neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh or India using very reliable train and bus services. Trains especially can be a lifelong experience because of all the different people you can have the potential to meet while traveling. Inside Thailand, trains and buses are also very reliable for getting around.

Where to stay

It’s great to visit Thailand throughout the year. The weather is temperate, sub-tropical and tropical. Regardless of where you’d like to stay in Thailand, there is always accommodation available to meet all of your needs. You can stay in luxury hotels in some of the biggest cities as well as the tourist beaches such as Phuket. You can often rent serviced apartments, guesthouses and villas. Thailand also has an excellent homestay industry. You can through a package deal be set up with a family in a village. This is known as village tourism and Thailand is one of the leaders in the world using this form of sustainable tourism.

Finally, for the more adventurous, Thailand also has many cheap but good youth hostels as well as camping grounds. Furthermore, it’s also possible to stay in health resorts and spas throughout Thailand as some of the best hot springs and thermal baths in the world can be found in this Asian country.

Gourmet cuisine

Another reason why Thailand is so great to visit is that the food is absolutely exquisite. In many places, food is available 24 hours a day, so it makes no difference when you get hungry there will always be something to eat. You can order food directly to your hotel room or eat at one of the fine restaurants in the downtown areas of the largest cities. You can also eat at some of the fantastic fast food places, which are nothing like Western fast food. They use only fresh vegetables, meat and rice and you can get amazing meals. Thai food can be sweet, spicy, savory or any mix of the above.