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Imerovigli Santorini Hotels

Imerovigli Hotels in Santorini

The Island of Santorini, which is officially known as Thira (or Thera) to the Greeks is a relatively small island, only ninety six square kilometers located between the Greek mainland and Turkey. Over the centuries the island has seen many battles as the ancient Greek and Turks use to butt heads frequently over many of the islands in the Cyclades.

Situated in the far north of the island, the village of Imerovigli used to be an important part of the islands early warning system as the village’s positioning offers a fabulous view of the surrounding ocean and used to allow residents of the island the opportunity to spot invaders or pirates long before they actually reached the shore.

The name of Imerovigli means “the Day Watch”. The village got its name as a derivative from the words “Imera” that means “Day” and “Vigla” that means “Observatory”. Its close proximity to Fira means that a large variety of shops and restaurants is nearby and many visitors to the island appreciate the location of Imerovigli as it offers some seclusion from the large crowds that can be found staying in the Santorini hotels situated in Fira, the capital of the Island. Nearby to the village there is also the site of an ancient castle which was destroyed in the earthquake of 1956.

Not as popular for tourists as some of the better known villages on the island, Imerovigli still has a wide range of Santorini hotels on offer which are suitable for most budgets. In addition to the Santorini hotels there are also suites, apartments and studios to rent which is an alternative to typical Santorini hotels offering in that they are rooms, apartments, studios and suites that are more self service oriented but still have many of the facilities you would expect to find in Santorini hotels such as large verandas for watching the spectacular Santorini sunset and swimming pools.

There are marvelous hotels in Imerovigli Santorini, most of them built in the front part of the cliffs, with traditional “cave style” buildings. In Imerovigli there are some of the best luxury hotels of Santorini, featuring high class facilities and services of top quality. They offer outdoor swimming pool, pool bar, sun terrace, restaurant, spa and wellness center, and balconies with amazing views to the caldera and the Aegean sea. These luxury hotels operate from April to October.

Top Luxury Hotels in Queenstown, New Zealand

If you want the most perfect recreation, then Queenstown, New Zealand is definitely the place for you. Situated on a beautiful mountain lake and surrounded by snowy peaks, this resort offers the ideal natural retreat. All seasons are great to visit this amazing place. The winter offers miles long slopes with powder snow, which are perfect for skiing and snowboarding. The summer is the ideal time to go sailing or canoeing in the gorgeous Lake Wakatipu, famous for its crystal clear waters, or to go camping in the mountain. The accommodations in Queensland are many and different, including first class luxury hotels.

The 5-star Millbrook Resort in Queenstown has a spectacular location in a hilly side right under the majestic snowy peaks of the mountain. The guests can choose between village in rooms, villa suites, hotel villas and cottages. That is why the resort looks more like a small neighborhood rather than a hotel. The rooms are cozily furnished with wood being the main furniture material. The room amenities are standard for a luxury hotel. The Millbrook resort has a range of recreational facilities. Guests can choose between the gym, the tennis courts, the sauna, the heated outdoor pool and spa pools and the indoor lap pool. The hotel has a spa center and a golf course. The dining options include a number of restaurants with different cuisines.

The Distinction Nugget Point boutique hotel is also rated with 5 stars. It is in close proximity to the ski slopes and offers a spectacular view of the snow-capped mountains. Guests can choose from different suites, each with its own boutique setting, furnishing and amenities. The facilities include a gym, a tennis court and a wine cellar. Guests can also choose to have a treatment at the spa center. The restaurant overlooks the river valley. Apart from a beautiful view, it offers a variety of dishes from the local cuisine. The hotel includes a breakfast restaurant and a lounge bar as well.

The Reese Hotel, one of the oldest in the area, is another 5-star retreat in Queenstown. It is situated right next to the shore of Lake Wakatipu and guests can readily opt for a room with a view. The rooms have a modernistic d├ęcor, cozy elegant furniture and a designer bathroom with bathtub. They have all modern day amenities. The hotel offers luxury self-catered serviced apartments as well. The hotel has a wine lounge and a restaurant.

The Best and Most Popular Hawaii Hotels

Going for vacation in Hawaii? Then you should stay in one of the best Hawaii hotels. There are lots of hotels that are great in Hawaii, but there are also some that are very famous and major attractions because they are simply wonderful and provide their guest with the best amenities and services that they can offer. Before you look for vacation packages, then you should know what Hawaii hotels you should consider checking in to.

It is pretty hard to choose from a long list of Hawaii hotels, so let’s try narrowing down that list. Here is a hotel that you might consider: the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa in Kauai. So why should you consider staying in this hotel? Well, this hotel is one of the best or the one of the most excellent hotels in Hawaii. Their services are top-notch and they are loved by lots of people because they give their guests that “feel at home” kind of feeling. It is your home away from home along with wonderful pools and spacious, comfortable rooms.

If you are looking for a hotel with a great reputation along with a high luxury rating, then you should learn more about the Grand Wailea Resort and Spa. Comfortable hot tubs and beautiful swimming pools are just some of the amenities that are offered by this 40 acre paradise. The hotel’s interior is richly decorated by the works of some of history’s greatest painters like Picasso and Andy Warhol. This is sure to mesmerize the guests of the Grand Wailea. They also offer the best spa treatments not only in Hawaii, but in the world.

There is also the Four Seasons Hotel Hualalai. The name “Four Seasons” already implies excellence, so you are sure that this hotel is one of the best in Hawaii and will offer guests excellent service and the best amenities. This place is great for couples. A romantic sunset can be viewed from the pools of this hotel. It is also ah hotel that brings guests closer to nature. Your stay in this hotel is sure to be satisfying.

Still want to know about more Hawaii hotels? There is, of course, the famous Hilton Waikoloa Village that is sure to attract people both young and old. This hotel offers everyone the chance not only to look at dolphins, but to come up close and interact with them as well, not to mention the other activities that you can do in this hotel like snorkelling, playing golf, and many more. This hotel is sure to make your stay in Hawaii unforgettable.

Now, you have learned about some of the best Hawaii hotels. The next thing that you should do is know what you really want and then plan your vacation carefully. There lots of vacation packages that include these hotels so do some research to look for the best bargains. Hawaii is a beautiful place and when you have found that perfect hotel to stay in, you are sure to have a good time.